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Save the date! The 2nd International Conference on Public Health& Epidemiology will be held on May 09-10, 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. The theme of the conference is very timely as early intervention programs are increasingly being brought to scale all over the world. Conference topics will be diverse as usual, ranging from epidemics, to research on public health concerns, to implementation of solutions in real life.

Public Health 2022 will facilitate discussions on a broad range of subjects related to improving public health at all levels through partnerships and open dialogue and changing tomorrow’s outlook to improve education, research, public health, public safety, and policy outcomes. So mark your calendars to attend this Public Health 2022 Conference. If you are interested in presenting at the conference, start by submitting an abstract now at the abstract submission link.

We invite you to become involved in our effort in one or more of these specific areas:

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This Scotland healthcare conference will be an extraordinary experience for all, providing an unusual opportunity for networking among researchers and practitioners of the healthcare sector to safeguard public health and prevent epidemics in the nation. This international meeting will assemble the world eminences in the expanding fields related to the identification, research, and development of solutions for public health issues and to keep epidemics in check. We are all aware of the growing crisis associated with infection and microbial resistance. Hence it is timely that this meeting will enable you to take up and discuss critical issues in this escalating problem.


Public health is the science and application of protecting and improving the health of a community through education, malady and injury interference, eudaemonia promotion, and health protection. From research projects to health education, the sector of public health strives to enhance lives and social conditions that affect the health of a community. it's attributable to public health that we tend to perceive that second-hand smoke will cause cancer, that bicycle helmets will save lives, and that unclean water will carry the disease-causing bacterium. Public health care was calculable in$3.09 trillion in 2014 and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017. The healthcare market within the U.S. in this concerned the foremost teams of hospitalization ($959.9 billion), MD and clinical facilities ($618.5 billion), dental services ($122.4 billion), and prescription medicines ($290.7 billion), at the side of rest home and residential health care ($248.5 billion). international health care expenditures are expected to still rise as defrayment is projected to extend at an Associate in Nursing annual rate of five.4 p.c between 2017-2022, from USD 7.724 trillion to USD 10.059 trillion.

healthcare market is wanting to health technology to facilitate, at the side of mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. Stakeholders also are exploring different revenue sources like vertical combinations. The Health Care and supplementary benefit sector includes firms providing health care and social assistance for people. the world includes each health care and supplementary benefit as a result it's typically troublesome to tell apart between the boundaries of those 2 activities. The industries in this sector are organized on a time beginning with those firms providing treatment solely, continuing with those providing health care and supplementary benefit, and eventually finishing with those providing solely supplementary benefits.

The services provided by firms in this sector are delivered by trained professionals. In 2018, business sales were $2723.7 billion. Purchase currently for historical and forecasted market size. Over the past three years, the business has fully grown at an Associate in the Nursing annual rate of four.7%. There are 685,346 firms within the business. within the Business Insights survey series, Euromonitor International connects with business professionals to explore trends and innovations. About 272 professionals are operating in client health in over twenty countries around the world. Governments across the kingdom are progressively recognizing the necessity to strengthen essential public health functions therefore on maximize their contribution to health, wealth, and social well-being Ever since the birth of public health in the seventeenth century, its success has trusted shut interaction with society. these days we tend to board a globalized world changing sooner than ever before and this places increasing demands on the general public health community.

The scope of action goes way on the far side of health and treatment. Public health professionals should acquire skills to achieve intent on the total of society wherever the numerous determinants of health are placed, together with operating conditions, education, and also the surroundings, and provide practices and opportunities to ascertain new structures, partnerships, and networks. Regulation and legislation also are necessary to limit the health-damaging impacts of bound environments, merchandise, and procedures. Health promotion is a necessary part of public health. However, countries in Europe disagree widely in the way they promote the health of their populations. this applies to health promotion activities, the mixing of health promotion in health service provision, and also how countries have captive towards healthy public policies in different sectors. The coaching of pros concerned with health promotion activities conjointly differs widely across countries. The scope for improvement appears to be largest in countries in central and jap Europe and also the former country, however, there's the conjointly abundant area for enhancements in western Europe. specifically, it'll be necessary to confirm the standard of health promotion programs, with additional even-handed coverage and higher use of rising technologies.

Objectives Of Public Health 2021

  • Provide a platform for knowledge sharing, partnerships, and networking by bringing academia and industry together.
  • Deliver updates on the latest research, newest devices in the market, and advanced developments related to public health concerns
  • Find solutions to major health challenges of the world in the interest of safeguarding the public health of the nation.
  • Encourage people to work together to achieve a better tomorrow for society’s benefit

A brochure can be downloaded from the website as a reminder to encourage you to begin thinking about submitting your abstracts. Feel free to distribute the flyer to your interested colleagues. We hope to see you in Edinburgh!


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